[Storage Review] ThinkSystem SR670 V2 Extends Lenovo’s Leadership in HPC


Lenovo has been a long-time leader in delivering solutions for the High-Performance Computing (HPC) market. Lenovo’s mainstream offerings are well known by end-users and data center administrators alike, but Lenovo’s HPC prowess is perhaps their best-kept secret. Well, the secret is insofar as being the largest provider of supercomputers globally (32% of them according to data maintained by Top 500).

These massive HPC wins are fundamentally driven by Lenovo’s intimate understanding of the HPC space and the willingness to take chances to meet customer needs. How exactly does that risk-taking translate? Well, about a decade ago, Lenovo delivered a liquid-cooled supercomputer to the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre in Munich, Germany. This event helped change the economics of supercomputing, especially in places like Europe, where rack space, cooling, and power come at a premium.

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