[Storage Review] Chia Coin Master Class With Jonmichael Hands


“Jonmichael Hands left what most consider to be a very good job at Intel, taking on the role of head of storage at Chia. Chia is a cryptocurrency that’s billed as one of the most green in the world since it leverages proof of space (PoS) rather than proof of work (PoW). The PoS model in this particular blockchain works in two core functions. That is Chia plotting, then Chia farming. The plotting work is best done on high-speed NVMe SSDs, while the farming, where coins are earned, is done on good old hard drives – no GPUs needed. This is the definitive Chia podcast to get you entirely up to speed on what the latest crypto craze is all about.”

-Storage Review

Podcast #80: Chia Coin Master Class With Jonmichael Hands