Simplified Gentoo Installation Tutorial

  • Estimated Time: 2 Hours
  • Number Of Commands:
  • Difficulty: 7
  • Requirements:
    • USB Drives
    • Internet Access
    • 2 Computers (For ssh access)

Step 1: Download The Gentoo Minimal Install ISO

Download The Installation Media From the following Link


Step 2: Creating The Gentoo Bootable USB Media

dd if=/install-amd64-minimal-20200115T214501Z.iso of=/dev/sda bs=1M status=progress

Step 3: Boot Installation Media

Step 4: Setting Up SSH Login / Start Networking

Start sshd service to be able to copy and past commands from your main computer to your Gentoo installation pc.

rc-service sshd start

Step 5: Connect To Gentoo Installation Computer

Connect to your Gentoo installation from your main computer by issuing the following command.

Note: Replace the IP address with your current IP address of your Gentoo installation computer.


You will now be greeted with a prompt to add the IP address to the list of known hosts for future connections.

Step 6: Partition the installation drive (MBR)

Identify the hard drive you wish to install Gentoo on by issuing the following command

fdisk --list

After you have identified the hard drive you wish to use, run the following command, replacing sda with your selected drive

parted /dev/sda

This will than open up the parted drive utility to partition your drive.

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