[Guru3D] Ryzen 5000 Refresh inbound? Ryzen 9 5950XT and Ryzen 5 5600XT appear

by  on: 05/19/2021 02:55 PM

“We’ve seen the XT branding pop up a few times already, but it seems that AMD might be preparing a refresh of its Vermeer family, that is, the Ryzen 5000 desktop processors, with XT variants. Two models have been spotted thus far: The Ryzen 9 5950XT and the Ryzen 5 5600XT.

According to the info from well-known leaker Patrick Schur the Ryzen 9 5950XT will maintain its default configuration of 16 cores / 32 threads at a base frequency of 3.40 GHz, however, the XT version would get a 5.00 GHz turbo frequency. Admittedly unless we see more core or different PL2 states, this means merely a slight improvement considering the 4.90 GHz Turbo on the current 5950X.

Ryzen 5600XT remains 100% similar at 6 cores / 12 threads at the same frequencies of 3.70 / 4.60 GHz, so it could be a revised replacement version, and as it is an XT variant, it is expected that it will be a binned silicon. AMD just released a new B2 stepping for the processors.”

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