[Guru3D] AMD Ryzen 9 5900X / 5950X Processors

by Hilbert Hagedoorn on: 11/05/2020 03:00 PM – Guru3D

“There’s no doubt that AMD is now offering the fastest processor series in the consumer market, and it is imposing to see what they managed in just three years. Now, we’re not going to recommend you to upgrade if you are on Ryzen 3000. But on series 1000/2000 .. well, why not? The good news is that the Series 400 motherboards will support these CPUs starting January 2021 with selected motherboards. And yeah, AM4 has come a long way, alright. With future changes coming up on DDR5 and PCIe gen 5.0, we see perhaps one more refresh series (ZEN4, a refresh of ZEN3) to be AM4 compatible, but thereafter surely AM5 will be introduced.”

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