About Us

Fix A PC is a computer repair business specializing in providing enterprise level computer and network support to the average small business that cannot afford the new upcoming industry standards. We can help your business deploy a Cisco certified network and get you up and running with a file sharing server and active directory. We keep your business data safe by having your computers synced to a centralized server in your office.

Mission Statement
Our Mission is to ensure that each one of our customers is satisfied with our services by providing a professional level of service and loyalty.

When setting up a small office network or servicing an existing network, we take pride in the high quality of service that we are providing.  We offer turnkey solutions for all your business computing needs.

Communication is key when working with a computer service provider.  When your network is slow or having issues,  it is not only costing you time it is costing you money. Know that we are here on call and can provide emergency response time if your network is down. We know that having your network serviced or replaced can be a hassle. Sometimes applications don’t work as they did before and  you have to retrain your employees on a new system. We won’t stop until the job is complete and we keep a few things in mind as top priority. One of these being, keeping the system the same or as close to the same as before for employee and application efficiency.

We know a strong privacy policy is mandatory for your business and believe that our clients data deserves to be kept private and safe from intruders. You data is more than just your data; it is your livelihood, the well being of your clients and family.

When working with a computer repair company you need trust to ensure your company’s assets are safe and protected. When you hire a technician you are entrusting this person with your data and you need someone you can trust.

Data Retention
We believe in providing a high level of data retention by keeping multiple back ups in a safe and secure place whether this is on your own localized server or on a cloud service.

Performance is money, because when you have a fast moving network you save time and improve employee efficiency. Ask yourself how much have you invested in your company, than ask your self how much have you invested in your network. If you have employees sitting in front of a computer all day performing daily tasks such as accounting and making cold calls, why are they on an outdated and slow computer network?

Prevent computer crashes by upgrading to workstations with ECC memory and syncing to a centralized small office server to prevent both system crashes and data loss. Keep your network stable under high load by installing a Cisco router and upgrading to a Cisco certified network.