About Us

Fix A PC is a consultant for enterprise class networking and server administration. We specialize in providing detailed guides, tutorials, documents as well news aggregation for industry leading hardware. Servers, networking, high performance computing and data retention are what we do best. 

Mission Statement
Our mission is help the everyday enthusiast and network maintainer better care for their networks by providing easy to read tutorials. following step by step procedures to help companies and end users save time as well as money. 

We strive to provide documents, reviews, tutorials and off site news aggregates of the highest and utmost quality. 

Communication is key when working with a technology information provider.  When your network is not on par with industry standards it puts the entire community at risk.

When providing recommendations we only use well known git developers and mainstream Linux repositories to ensure the information we provide is safe, secure and free from infiltration.

Data Retention
We believe in providing a high level of data retention by keeping multiple back ups in a safe and secure places whether this is on your own localized server or on a cloud based service provider.

Performance is money, because when you have a fast moving network you save time and improve system efficiency. Ask yourself how much have you invested in your company, than ask your self how much have you invested in your network. Weather it’s your hobby or for profit we do it for both.

Prevent network instability by deploying Linux based servers using server based memory and CPUs. Ensure you have the latest packages installed and configured correctly. Use Industry leading hardware that is mass produced and receives firmware and bios updates for years to come.