Computer Repair

We specialize in computer repair at a low and affordable cost. Is your computer running slow? Do you have a virus that needs removal? Then let us help you get to a speedy and easy recovery!


Bad office productivity? Slow file transfers? Computers crashing? Office printers not correctly shared? Internet connection dropping? Let us stop by and get your network running at peak performance!

Internet Deployment

Is your company not on Google Maps? Do you not have social media accounts and a website? Let us take your small business and deploy it over the internet using Google apps, WordPress, Photoshop, and Social Media!

Server Installations

Do you need a server to ensure data integrity across your network? Let us install a server for you at a low cost solution for your business.

Data Recovery

Did you misplace a file or mistakenly delete something? Need to get past a Windows password? Let us help you!


Need a computer service provider with a reliable source of communication? Look no further we are always looking to maintain a constant relationship with our customers in both the good and bad times!